Nate Lahey
演员 Billy Brown
"She's Dying"
出场集数 17
出场季数 模板:Season
全名 Nate Lahey
职业 Detective
家庭 Nia Lahey - Wife

Nate Lahey is one of the main characters of How to Get Away with Murder. He is a tough, respected Philadelphia detective who works tirelessly to uphold the law. There's only one person that can get in the way of that... Annalise Keating. Assertive and sharp, Nate doesn't allow people to play games with him. As a result, Nate is one of the only people Annalise can really be herself around. But that doesn't mean they're entirely honest with each other.


Early Life

For twelve years, Nate worked for the city of Philadelphia as a detective. At some point, his wife was diagnosed with cancer. 模板:E

Season 1

模板:I After coming up with an idea that could be useful in Gina Sadowski's trial, Wes Gibbins hurries over to Professor Annalise Keating's office, where he finds her getting ready to have sex with Nate Lahey. The detective tells Wes to get out. Annalise leaves the room to meet Wes in the hall; Wes presents his idea, but is told that it's not good enough. A couple days later, Nate is called to the court as a witness. Annalise asks where he was the night Detective Gill supposedly acquired the video that incriminates Gina. Nate states that he was "at a friend's." Annalise finds it odd that it took so long for evidence to get logged into the computer, but Nate tells her that sometimes that's what happens. Annalise asks if Nate has ever known them to alter video footage to help the prosecution get a conviction. He states that he has, thus winning Gina's case. Wes, who watched the entire encounter, later receives a job working for Annalise's firm. He confronts her about making Nate lie to the court, and tells her that if she gave him the job to make him keep his mouth shut then he doesn't want it. Annalise tells him that she gave him the job because she liked his self defense argument. She says they won the case because she did her job. After a bit more conversing, Wes decides to keep the job. 模板:E